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“This article is created for only people with intentions to migarate to Canada within 6 -9 months or a year. I have given you a special package within these lines. Do not miss it!”

Canada has raised the bar. Within the next three years Canada will be accepting immigrants. Anyone with the means and intentions to live in Canada will know that now is the right time to begin processing their way to the Promised Land.

But just as is accompanied by every good opportunity, you are bound to make mistakes, spend money wrongly, fall into deceitful scams, waste time and resources. If you want to know the 5 mistakes to watch out for and avoid when processing your relocation, then you will stay put and read till the end with apt attention.

Mr. Akin is a Canadian resident. He moved to Canada a few months ago. But it took him about 3 years to get there. 

Why did it take him that long? What was he doing wrong ? Did he have a guide? How much would he have spent in the process? Is there a way he could have spent less or achieved his aim within a shorter time frame? What are the mistakes he could have probably avoided? I have 5 for you. 

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No such thing

“I got into online relationship with woman originally from Brooklyn, NY USA and felt we had something to be together in Canada. I sent her thousands of dollars for visa, medical tests, taxes for some resources she had to share, and more. Then when I thought she was finally flying out of there she came up with this BTA thing which I never heard of before for any country.

She told me it was basic travel allowance and had to be paid in order for board plane for Toronto, Ontario airport for me to meet her and was $3500 usd!!! I could not believe this and would not pay it and then she tried to say that she had people she knew over there that would pay $1500usd and I just send balance of $2000usd which thankfully I have not and will not do now.

So I almost fell for this and could have bankrupted myself for sure. Anyone that has any relations with someone in Nigeria whether they are from USA or Canada or anywhere DO NOT send them any money as it will never end and probably is a scam. They will ask for this BTA that does not exist and will be anywhere from $2000 to $4000usd.

Research I have found so far is that at one time this was to prevent vagrancy in country and now scammers are using it to steal money from people but it was never required to have $2000 to $4000usd but rather as long as you had just some pocket money. Legally though all you need is your plane ticket, your valid passport, and visa if applicable”. – Robert W. Martin Orillia Ontario Canada.

The U.S. Embassy and Consulate in Nigeria warns everyone to beware of anyone who requests funds for a BTA, or Basic Travel Allowance, as a requirement to depart another country for the United States. There is no such thing as a BTA. In other cases, your Internet friend will claim to need a travel allowance, or travel money, to be able to travel to the United States or Canada. Again, there is no such requirement under U.S. and Canadian law.

Not enough love?

put more money than you plan to use

 “It was a dark, chilly night. I was walking with my big luggage into the tube station, on my way to Heathrow international airport. Yup, you guessed that right. I was in London. My 10 day trip had come to an end. I used up my last credit on the Oyster card. I heard the “mind the gap” announcement as the doors opened. Then I went in.

After several minutes, I arrived at the airport terminal. I entered and looked for my check-in counter. I found it and there I saw a scary line – a long line of passengers. It was nerve racking because I was a chance passenger that time. And my visa would expire the day after tomorrow. I need to get out of this country to save myself from being deported, or banned, or from being absent at work.

As I inquired about my chance with my non-revenue ticket… they told me the worst news I could hear. “Sorry, you can’t board the plane. It’s overbooked.” They said that with a stern-looking face, quite apathetic. I knew there’s always risk of being bumped-off with this kind of ticket. But I didn’t expect it that moment. I was caught off-guard. I thought there was enough space.

Oh well… Surfed through my phone to find the cheapest flight back home – the cheapest one was a little more than 600 USD, which is not cheap at all. I keyed in my credit card details and purchased it on the spot. I swore my wallet cried that night. Always equip yourselves with a Plan B. And as they say, be ready to expect the unexpected”. – Jason

The worst thing you can do for yourself is under budgeting! Let’s say you have a guide for relocating (a good one please). And you’re told you’ll need 2million to relocate successfully. Please bring out 2.5Million or even three. Because chances are, the guide was setup before the pandemic that’s before movements were restricted. Or it was setup before the crisis in the country.

All these have affected the prices of things and they keep going up! So you must over budget and save what’s left. On the bright side, you’ll have enough when you get over there. It’s your money. So stay on the secure side.

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You will get there

don’t be in a hurry

“By most standards, Ezekiel is living the middle-class Nigerian dream. At 41, he works as a senior manager at a Lagos-based media company where he earns a healthy salary. He also runs a successful side business importing and selling American used cars and has enough money to fund his wife and two children on annual holidays in the United States. He also owns his home—the ultimate upper middle-class status symbol in Nigeria.

It might not be an extraordinarily lavish life, but it’s the kind millions of poor and lower middle-class Nigerians aspire to and work so hard to attain. But it’s not enough for Ezekiel—he’s happy with his life, he’s just not happy with where he’s living it”. – Yomi Kazeem, Africa Reporter, Quartz.com

Now here’s my advice to Ezekiel

Don’t be in a hurry.

You see we Nigerians tend to be hasty. We like shortcuts.

Maybe they work when you’re trying to beat Lagos traffic, but please when you’re on your Canada relocation journey, avoid shortcuts.

Don’t try to maneuver things as is our habits as Nigerians. That’s how you might end up getting scammed or making a mistake that will cost you more money or prolong your relocation time frame.

Stick with your guide please and follow what works. Do not be in a hurry, calm down be patient.

Over prepared?

how can it be?

“I booked a Southwest flight from Oakland to Long Beach with a departure time of 7:00 pm. That afternoon, I received an email that my flight was delayed until 8:30 pm. I thought “This is great; they gave me early notice, so I don’t have to waste time at the airport!” I arrived at the airport at 7:00 pm and got through security shortly after. I looked at the departure screen for my flight and it said “GATE CLOSED.” I ran to the gate, where the agent told me they were able to find an alternate plane and it just left.

Little did I know that Southwest emailed me specifying my flight was back on track, I failed to check my email as I was in transit. Unfortunately, that was the last flight available to Long Beach. Lucky for us, however, Southwest flies to multiple airports in the region, so we were able to hop on one of the last flights to Orange County.

In the end, everything worked out. We got a cheaper rental car from Orange County, and it was actually closer to our destination than Long Beach. The lesson for me was to select the right contact preference during booking. Southwest defaults to email, but you can also change it to text or phone”. – David, TPG reader

No matter how prepared you think you are, something can go wrong! Something out of your control or you could make a mistake. David from the story has never missed a flight before, he’s that meticulous but one simple thing as not checking his email cost him that. So remember to be flexible, stay calm, anything can happen but always make sure like I’ve said above to have a plan B and be secured!

NEW BLUEPRINT REVEALS: The practical process from start to finish on how you can get your Canadian permanent residence and be in Canada within 6 - 9 months even with a low IELTS SCORE!

No guide?

don’t try it

“I arrived in Berlin after a confusing train ride and was happy to be just a few subway stops away from my hostel. When I sat down a girl came to me and pointed at my hands: “I like your nail polish” and then at my suitcase: “Are you visiting or leaving?”.

She told me that she was from Sweden and had just arrived to Berlin after traveling the world for a year.We talked for 20 minutes until I realized that I ended up far away from where I wanted to go – I did get on the wrong subway after all. Maybe I was lost in Berlin but had found a new friend”. – Hostelgeeks.

Maybe this young lady was able to make a new friend, but she did lose her way, spent money doing the wrong things and will still spend more in trying to get things right. This is what happens when you embark on a journey without a guide.

You remember how your first year clearance in the university was? Stressful as hell. But not for everyone. Some had help from people who had gone ahead and had it easy.

Having a relocation guide helps you bypass certain hurdles and mistakes, points you in the right direction and helps you save time and money. Now what if you discovered a verified guide that shows you how to relocate to Canada in 6-9 months even without IELTS, would you get it? wouldn’t you show your loved ones? or would you walk blindly? Nigeria is hard as it is and you don’t need stress please. I don’t need it near me at all.

And Honestly, you also don’t want a situation where you’ll be scammed, delayed or told, “Sorry you can’t relocate to Canada”

The money, the time spent, the stress, the emotional trauma! Please it’s not for you.

Get a verified and trusted guide  for yourself so that if you’re just starting out, it’ll be a smooth sailing journey and if you’ve started out already you can figure out where to go from where you are and fix where you’ve gone wrong already. So do get your guide.

Now did you enjoy this article?? I know.

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With the recent development in policies made by the Canadian government on immigration, there’s going to be massive rush and lot’s of people will make mistakes doing the wrong things.

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Canada has announced that they will be admitting 1.3Million immigrants in the next 3 years and with her wonderful resources, it’s like a hot cake right now.

Here’s are some things you should know about Canada.


  • Canada is the world’s tenth-largest economy as of 2018, with a nominal GDP of approximately US$1.73 trillion
  • It is one of the least corrupt countries in the world
  • Between 2011 and May 2016, Canada’s population grew by 1.7 million people, with immigrants accounting for two-thirds of the increase
  • Canada has one of the highest per-capita immigration rates in the world
  • Canada has one of the best healthcare systems in the world
  • Universal access to publicly funded health services “is often considered by Canadians as a fundamental value that ensures national health care insurance for everyone wherever they live in the country.
  • In 2016, the largest visible minority groups were South Asian (5.6 percent), Chinese (5.1 percent) and BLACK (3.5 percent)
  • Canada has room for skilled and unskilled labor in her economy which means there’s a need for workers for fill up their work system.

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