Well here’s what you’ve been doing wrong, what you’ve been doing right and what you’ve not been doing at all!

by Grateful Nzenwa, Digital marketer and Copywriter- September 11, 2020

What is the ugly truth about having a successful brand on Instagram?  You’re not a celebrity! You’re a business owner, a coach, an influencer, an account manager or even a network or digital marketer! But what if you could increase your following and engagement rate by 10%, 15%, or even 25% and have your followers turn consistent customers and clients within a month without doing so much work on the Gram?

You will read to the end to find out the old hidden secrets behind achieving high and consistent engagement and sales on Instagram that very few know and are implementing in 2020. This article is filled with insight and secrets that you won’t see if you don’t read in detail. Plus, in the spirit of growth, I have a special gift for you so stay with me.

Now imagine you could increase your following and engagement rate by 10%, 15%, or even 25% and have your followers turn consistent customers and clients without doing so much work on the Gram. How much more money will that bring to your brand and the goals you have set for it?

Clearly, the odds are against you because you’re in a community of over one billion monthly users with over 25 million business and over five thousand active influencers. Also, it is a fact that 63% of Instagram users use the app once a day or more and they will spend an average of twenty eight minutes on the platform.

Do you also know that 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile daily? The competition is on the roof and just making a head way is honestly not easy but it can be? Just how can you beat it?

First of all, I want you to take some time out. Stop for a minute. And ask yourself,

“What goals have I set for my brand”.

  • drive traffic to your website?
  • increase sales and engagements?
  • get more followers and likes?
  • create awareness for your brand?
  • drive traffic to your other social media platforms?
  • increase and monitor your conversions?

 Now, whatever they are, I want you to write them down right here, right now. It could be a long term goal or a short term one. Just make sure you’re being realistic and specific.

Great! Now I asked you to first take this activity because your goals are the heart and brains of your business/brand. Whether you want to drive traffic to your website, or you want to just make sales, or you’re just doing this on a part time basis or you want to grow your fanbase.

Maybe you want to create brand loyalty or awareness. Whichever it is, your goals determine what strategy and tactics you’ll be implementing. Whether you’ll need the services of an expert digital marketer or you will get your Instagram Growth Hack Course. Your goals determine the level of physical, mental and financial commitment you will make to your business.

“Your goals are like the Sun and every other planet revolves around it!”

Now you have to understand that you cannot conquer Instagram or any other platform for that matter, if you don’t know it. If you don’t understand it, if you’ve not taken time out to study it.

Sure you can listen to people telling you to buy followers, or use a cheat or a growth app or what I heard they call follow for follow. Perhaps these could suffice for just personal, teens pages that just want to have fun and go with the trends and fads.

But for you who mean business, with money on ground, can you afford to leave your company or brand at the mercy of trends and fads? Does your business need your roaming blindly doing trial and errors? I’m guessing your answer is NO!

Now you must be familiar with the conventional way for growing your brand on Instagram. And these are probably things you’re already doing:

  • Researching your target audience
  • Liking and commenting on accounts or pages similar to yours
  • Using relevant targeted hashtags
  • Creating engaging contents

Now these are the things you’re doing already. Are they good? Yes. Do they work? Yes. Is everyone doing it? Oh Yes! So what’s the problem?

The problem isn’t the tactics. The problem is in the reason behind the strategy the tactics works on. So you cannot just copy my tactics without knowing my strategy and the reason behind it.

We all have different brands, different contents to put out and most importantly different goals. So you must arrive at the point where you have identified what you’re looking for, what stage you’re at and where you’re going to before you choose which strategy of tactic to use in your growth journey.

So what aren’t you doing that you should start doing right away? Here are the old, secret, unconventional, (some might say unorthodox) ways to grow your business, increase engagement and improve sales phenomenally!


Everything we are discussing and will still discuss revolves around your goals. Write them down. Go back to them everyday if possible, keep them in front of your eyes and at the back of your mind.

They will guide you through your growth journey. That is why I asked you to write them down before you got started on this article.

Your goals must have all these attributes whatever they may be;

  • Consistency. It should be consistent and congruent with your goals on other platforms
  • Specificity. Be specific with the exact milestones you want to achieve
  • Realism. Tell yourself the truth. Don’t set logically unattainable goals
  • Scalability. It should have capacity to grow and scale in the coming years


Instagram is a visual platform, people see, sense and then read. So you should be able to appeal to your target audience with your theme. It should represent you and all you stand for.

This will give them a sense of identification with your brand and make it recognizable wherever your audience sees you.

Ensure you’re being original, visible and consistent. And this brings me to the next best thing


Where are you driving this traffic to again? Your website, your blog. Your Youtube channel or any other platform your business is on.

Do not stay on Instagram alone. It’s very important for you as a business owner to have your own website.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if your account got hacked? Or shut down? What if Instagram shut down itself? What would happen to your followers, your clients and customers? Will they just go like that? What would you do?

“Having your business on another platform especially your website gives you insurance. So you don’t lose the audience you’ve built, instead you can redirect them back to your page in case you had to start afresh”

Plus this gives them familiarity with your brand because they see you on other platforms apart from just Instagram.

Having a website helps you create your own environment for your audience and helps you create your own email list. Having your email list gives your brand a personal touch. It helps you relate with your prospects and clients personally on a regular basis and this in turn builds brand trust and confidence.

And like I said about your theme being consistent, ensure this is applied across all your platforms. Be the same brand they recognize and love on Instagram as well as on your other platforms.

Finally, always monitor your growth and traffic. Determine how much traffic Instagram is bringing to your website or blog or channel.

You can use SNIPLY to check how much traffic Instagram is driving to your website.


In the spirit of growth, you have to take your Instagram Brand Status Test. You remember that saying that you have to know where you are before you know where you are going? So true

The Instagram Brand Status Test uses data from your followers, likes and sales to tell you where your brand stands. You can use the mean of each test to analyze your brand. Are you going forward or are you declining? What is your engagement rate for each post? What is the ratio of my engagement rate to my sales rate?

With your results, you can figure out what’s working and what’s not and why they are so.

I’m sure you know that it’s one thing to have followers and it’s another to have engaged followers. And even greater to have these engagements translate into sales!

Take a look at these statistics from https://ninjaoutreach.com/ng-fct-abuja-influencers

House of Lunettes @house_of_lunettes has 104.2K followers but has just ,0.1% engagements while Lima sadiyah @pride-evy has just 32.4K followers but an impressive engagement of 5.81%.

This shows that in as much as it is important to have a good number of followers, but it’s even better to have highly engaged followers. This is why you shouldn’t buy followers or even use the eenie meenie miney mo approach to your Instagram business/brand growth.

The baseline for Instagram engagements is 3-6%. So if you’re doing a good job on the platform, your engagement for a month should be at or above 6%.

I recommend you create a spread sheet where you compute your data for each month, take your Instagram Brand status Test each month and at the end of each year.

Your Instagram Brand Status Test shows you the ratio of your monthly engagements to your monthly sales. With this, you know where you stand, where you need to tweak some strategies and understand what has been working for you.


To take your brand status test right now, get a pen and paper and follow these instructions

Write down your data – followers, likes and comments per post (select one post to start with), number of sales in one month (if you sell or promote anything). Let me add some hypothetical figures from an Instagram make up page.

e.g followers- 5000

      likes and comment for one post – 200+35 = 235

      number sales(from Instagram) in one month = 100/ number of followers

                                                                                     = 100/5000= 0.02*100= 2%

Now you divide your likes by your followers


Multiply this by 100


This gives you your engagement rate

To get your Instagram Brand Status Test complete, take the ratio of the mean of your engagement rate for one month, say 3.5%, to your number of sales per month


Your average engagement rate and your sales rate for one month should be in a ratio of 2:1 at least and at best 1:1

You can also calculate your follower growth by dividing the number of new followers in this month by the number of old followers from the last month and multiply by 10

e.g number of followers in july = 5000

       number of followers in august = 6000

      therefore, number of new followers = 6000 – 5000 = 1000

      1000/5000 = 0.2

      0.2*100 = 20%



Invest in your brand. Invest in your content, invest in your product. Invest in your staff. Invest in yourself.

Ensure you have the best product out there. Need help? Get a digital expert! Your business is a serious issue not just for Instagram.

Nothing good is free. So invest you time and money in learning good skills. Have workers? Invest in them!

  • Ensure you have the best content. Broaden your spectrum. Have a variety of ways to pass the same message. Statistics have that one-third of the most viewed stories are from business, so repurpose your contents.
  • Use info-graphics, charts, listicles, videos, polls. Pay experts to do these for you if you must. The effects pay off tremendously without you knowing! You should never hold back on investments that will better your company or brand.

How would you feel if you took your Instagram Growth Hack Course and you got a 10%, 15% or even 25% increase in engagement and sales? Have valuable would that investment be to your brand?

Imagine you took $5 everyday to your class for one month and your sales doubled or tripled? Would it have been worth the time and investment for your company in the long run? Wouldn’t you really rather “GET YOUR HANDS ON YOUR INSTAGRAM GROWTH HACK COURSE?”

Your answer to all these questions hinges on what your set goals for your business/brand are. That is why it is very important to establish them before anything else.

But you must know that we are in the information age. Anyone from anywhere in the world can teach a really amazing course.

What I’m trying to say is that when choosing your Instagram  Growth Hack Course, keep in mind that it isn’t location specific. You can take a course anchored by someone in India while you’re in Canada! Invariably, you might be paying for the course in a different currency from yours so always check the currency your course is sold in and ensure you know what the exchange rates are in your currency.

So don’t be scared away by a different currency course or a teacher from a different country so long as you can understand and communicate properly, you’re good to go!  

What should you look out for in your course?

  • Algorithm; go for a course that teaches you how to work with the algorithm of Instagram not against it. Not just plainly telling you things to do, but taking your hand through strategies that works with the way Instagram is engineered
  • Support; the course you choose should offer user support. It should have a support group where you can lay complaints, share ideas and network with other business owners, coaches and brand influencers.
  • Done for you; if the course has done for you templates that has been proven to work, that’s a great plus. You can personalize them to suite your brand image and voice.

Everything in-between

  • Research; Find out what your followers love about you and your brand. Try to have conversations with your followers, fans or clients. Research your unique features, understand what stands you out from your competitors.
  • Take us with you. Do behind the scenes videos. Leverage on Youtube.

Youtube is the most overlooked opportunity for business owners right now. The good news, is less than ten percent of US small business use Youtube to grow their business.

Why is this good news? There is little to no competition! And best, you only need one video to start.

Youtube gives you key opportunity to tell your story in the most unique way possible so leverage Youtube.

Make videos of the making of a product, or a photo shoot, or an article or blog. Whatever it is, make your audience feel at home with you.

  • Always reply comments. From the tiniest emoji to the longest question, leave a warm reply. This helps your audience feel like you’re involved. You’re listening and you care.
  • Speak your truth. Credibility and originality is as important as consistency and visibility. Ensure you are what you say you are. Under promise and then over deliver.

Finally, while you’ve been scrolling through and reading this article in detail, you have realized that the greatest strength your business has is your truth! So tell it. Let your audience know how far you’ve come, what you really stand for by just being your honest self.

Did you enjoy this article? Did you get value? Do you think you can begin to implement these strategies in your business?

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